Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm thankful for...... dad. he always scrapes the ice off of my car and warms it up for me in the
    winter. mom. she makes sure i don't starve. and we always get ice cream together.
...kellipirelli. for always making me laugh and making yummy treats.
...bucky. for making fun of me. we always a good time :)
...sarah. because we are almost complete opposites.
...alex. because he is the only one that can calm sarah down.
...andy. just because :)
...Jesus Christ and my church.
...the old gold toyota camry with the carpet covered dashboard.
...ingrid michaelson, rocky votolato and coldplay.
...the internet. because, lets be honest, i couldn't live without it. education. even though i complain, i know i'm lucky to have the
    opportunity to go to school. grandma's quilt.
...a job where i learn new things every single day.
...prayer. health.
...the treadmill at the gym. the one i ALWAYS use.
...the christmas decorations i'm going to put up. especially the little white lights.
...the person who took their picnic basket to the thrift store. you don't even know
    how incredibly happy you made me.
...the color yellow.
...creative people.
...happy people.
...the pumpkin pie i'm going to be eating later today.
...pretty much my entire life. yes.

i am blessed.
the list could go on.
really, i could do this for hours.

happy thanksgiving everyone! :)
be like me and eat until you are miserable!

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