Thursday, June 10, 2010

planning a wedding: something i definitely don't want to do twice

Everyone is telling me to smile and enjoy the process. And I've tried. Honestly.
Bridezilla? I never literally understood that word until now.
I hate making decisions and I hate spending money.
So pretty much this whole process has been traumatizing.
I'm pretty bad. Ask Andy. Ask my mom. Ask my dad.
Maybe its the stress of school. Or of starting my thesis paper. Maybe its the stress of work...combined with planning a wedding. And maybe its the surge of hormones thanks to the birth control pills. I don't know.
All I know is that Andy puts up with it. I'll yell and scream at him...and then yell some more saying, "See?! Do you understand what you're getting in to? Do you really want to marry me?!" And he always nods his head and says yes. Either he is crazy or really really sweet.  
So thank you, mom and dad and For putting up with me for the last 5 months. Its almost over, don't worry :)


Michelle said...

I know exactly how you feel :) Don't worry you will go back to normal soon and be LOVING it! Can't wait to see you two on the big day!

Jacki Lee said...

SUCK IT UP KRISTEN FARR! ps Andys bow tie... priceless! pps you missed out last night. ppps Im coming to the dinner. pppps we need to play before you become a Davis.