Wednesday, August 25, 2010

four simple goals.

Elsie started a project on her blog that is all about simple goals.  You're supposed to pick four simple goals that can be completed before 2011.  Just simple things that will enrich your life everyday. So I realize I'm a little behind at getting these goals up...but here they are!

1. Start refinishing my collection of furniture that is being stored at my parent's house. I think I'll start with the white card table...

2. A granny square a day.  I'm working on an autumn granny square blanket. It definitely won't be done by autumn...but if I do a square a day it should get done before the year is over :)

3. Study everyday for my physics boards. I'm not very excited about this goal. But hopefully I can do it so I can take my boards before September is over!

4. Take more holgas.

(taken on our honeymoon at lake tahoe)

Wish me luck!

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Laci said...

Love the furniture .Exciting!