Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...all in the golden afternoon.

Sunday drives are the best. And they are even better when you are driving by wildflowers and poppies. My sister-in-law Laci had taken the cutest pictures at a poppy field nearby and I was dying to check it out when the poppies were in full bloom. I wanted to get some of my bridals taken there...and we tried...but there just weren't enough poppies out that early in June. So, the Sunday before our wedding, Andy took me on a drive up to the poppy field and boy, what a difference a couple of weeks can make! They were all over the place! I think that this Sunday drive is going to be happening annually.


Mom said...

I love theses pictures. We have got to go there and take a family picture next year.

Mom said...

theses...I meant "these". Thought I'd better clarify that before I got made fun of.

The Van De Graaffs said...