Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a day off.

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that there was going to be a change in my work schedule. This week was the first week that those changes took place. Its only Wednesday and I can already feel a huge difference.
I was working somewhere around 50-60 hours per week and sometimes that didn't even include my call shifts. Basically, it got to be too much and I realized that sometimes money just isn't worth it. Something finally hit me and I realized I should be enjoying my life right now and not be working myself to death. I'll be taking a pay cut because I'm cutting back on hours but I'll be saving gas money and driving time. I think its a good trade-off.

In fact, I had a day off today.
It was a rainy day and I love being able to spend these kinda days cuddled up at home.
I've got dinner cooking.
And my apartment is clean.
I could get used to this.

ps My sister Sarah is on her way home right this very minute. I can't wait to see her! eek!

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