Monday, October 15, 2012


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we were in a city called zilina for a few days. andy didn't spend too much time in this city on his mission but taylor and krace did. while here i was introduced to the siedls and a girl named zuzka. the siedls were such a sweet and kind family. they had us over for a barbeque one night and made halusky (a traditional slovak meal) another night. zuzka was tons of fun and actually accompanied us to auschwitz. she spoke really good english. she served an LDS mission to California and plays a huge part in translating for the church. unfortunately i don't have any pictures of her or the siedls...what was i thinking?!!
while in zilina we did some shopping, ate lots of zmrzlina (ice cream), and found my favorite pastry, a raspberry+pudding filled one, at the billa (aka grocery store). like i said already, i had a really, really hard time with food on this trip. i did not really eat for the first three days or so. bless andy's heart (and everyone else who was traveling with us) for putting up with me and my incredibly sensitive [pregnant] stomach. finding that pastry was definitely an accomplishment. while in zilina i actually found quite a few things that i could eat. one night we went to a slovak pub and i got made fun of by the waitress because i ordered french fries with my goulash, which was delicious, by the way. i basically ordered french fries with everything because they were always good and i knew i would always be able to stomach them. andy got one of his favorite meals at the pub, vyprazeny syr (fried cheese), which is pictured above.
overall, we really loved our time spent in zilina.

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