Wednesday, March 13, 2013

wow. where to begin...

goodness, i don't even know where to start.

so i'll start with these photos.
daph is now 4 months old, grabbing things and rolling over.
i've gone back to work. yes, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. it was hard the first few days. very hard. like crying-myself-to-sleep hard. but its better now. i mean, i still miss my little daphne bug, but it is nice to get out and have adult conversations.
andy has started physical therapy. for those of you that didn't know, he had his shoulder scoped in december for a labral tear. its been hard for both of us in separate ways. hard for andy because of the pain and restriction in movement. hard for me because he wasn't able to help with the baby. anyway, andy is on the mend. slowly but surely.
i'm on the mend as well. i'd been having issues with my kidneys since december. i thought it was just an infection but was proven wrong when i landed in the ER on a wednesday morning in february with a 10mm stone in my right kidney. they told me it was too big to pass and i was wheeled back to the OR that night. i'm working on increasing my water intake. i will do anything to have that never happen again.
i hesitate to say things can only go up from here because i had said those exact words to a friend only hours before i found out i was going to have surgery. but really, we are doing well now. we are happy and thats all that really matters.

ps kelli, this was for you! i'll try to be better at keeping this thing updated :)

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Brein said...

Daphne is so dang cute! Beautiful pictures. I'm so sorry to hear you guys have been having health problems, those are the worst when you have to take care of a little one. You guys get better soon, and keep those cute baby pictures coming!