Saturday, October 12, 2013

we've had a rough go around here. three weeks of sick. it started with me getting bronchitis four days before we were supposed to leave on our "summer" vacation to california. which turned into daphne getting a double ear infection. plus the poor girl had three teeth working their way through. it was a tough first vacation as a family of three. when we got back, the ear infection had cleared up but then the stomach flu took over. for five days she hardly ate or drank. and when she would, it came right back up. i cried. andy dry-heaved. this is our first bout with baby sickness and we have no idea what we are doing! anyway, daphne got her appetite back yesterday (and its back bigger than ever!) and it only takes me a couple hours each morning to get my lungs cleared out, so i think we're in the clear!

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Denis & Sarah said...

Not fun. I'm so sorry :( Being sick is rough. Having a sick child is rough. Traveling with a child can be rough. ALL at the same time, yikes. I'm glad things are on the mend now!!