Monday, January 6, 2014


here it is. the obligatory new year blog post. where you talk about how good or bad last year was and how you hope this one is even better. where you post your resolutions in hopes that it will force you to follow through. my head spins at the new year with all the bad habits i want to break. this is the year i will finally drop those extra pounds. this is the year i will finally take a photo a day. this is the year i will try new recipes. this is the year i will wake up early every morning and go to bed early every night. this is the year that i will blog consistently. that i will eat more fruits and veggies. that i will cut out candy.
with everything spinning around, there was one thought that kept surfacing: journaling. i've kept a journal for as long as i can remember. but i've been so hit and miss. i was reading through prior journal entries today when i came across something that i had completely forgotten about. when i read it i couldn't help but smile and cry.

last night i had this dream. i dreamt i was pregnant with the most beautiful baby girl. i felt such an intense love for her. i woke up incredibly sad when i realized it was just a dream. and yet that feeling, that love, still felt so strong and so real.

dear baby, yesterday two pink lines told me you existed.

so that is why i'm choosing to focus on journaling and documenting life this year. do you know how happy i am that i had that written down?! i had completely forgotten about that. and that was only two years ago. how many happy moments from years ago have i forgotten about?


The Van De Graaffs said...

Ah I love those journal posts! I had a dream two nights ago that I am pregnant with a girl! Hopefully its a sign! :)

Andrea said...

I love keeping a journal! Those two entries are the sweetest. I Need to get caught up, I've been lazy.