Thursday, August 20, 2009

so i'm a little obsessed

with toy cameras. and film.

Here are the results from my actionsampler.

ice cream
flip, yo!
Not the greatest but I'm pretty proud since it was my first roll of film. I learned a lot. Like hold the camera still. Very still. And you need light. Lots and lots of light. My next roll will be better.
I got a roll from my holga back today. These results were better than last time. Color film worked a lot better for me.
raspberry shakes!
As I mentioned in my last post, I want a supersampler way bad. I keep looking for one on ebay or amazon...and I keep getting beat in the auctions. Just last night I found another camera I want. Its the lomo fisheye camera. It would be super fun to have. Also, I have my eye on the fuji instax. Of course, I'm not planning on buying that until polaroid film has completely vanished. Actually I just heard that polaroid film might not vanish. It might be back in 2010. And I'm hoping it will be a little bit cheaper.
And then I have my eye on a Canon Rebel...which, of course, is NOT a toy camera. I am thinking that it can be a gift to myself when I completely finish school. :]


sarah said...

sweet pics. maybe i should dye my hair back brown.

sarah said...

my favorite is the one where you are eating the ice cream cone

Jacki Lee said...

saweet picturesz! canon rebel is where its at!

danilouwho said...

AWESOME. I've so been wanting to play around more with these types of photos. They just bring such a lovely real life quality to photos, just something special.