Sunday, August 16, 2009

i think its safe to say that this was the most boring summer ever.

Okay. I'm totally throwing a pity party for myself. I need to cheer up and quit feeling like this. So I apologize...the following is just me complaining:

This last week has been awful. And the week is going to continue to be awful until Thursday afternoon. I've been an emotional mess since...oh...probably last Sunday. I don't know why. Its a myriad of things I guess. The biggest issues being the fact that Sarah AND Kelli left me to go to college and the fact that not only is my summer over...but my life is over for the next year and a started.

Sarah left on Wednesday and I'm terribly sad. More so than I thought I would be. She is the only one that would ever give me a hug. She is back at Dixie. I couldn't move her down because of my ultrasound program orientation. I'm really mad about that because I wanted In-N-Out Burger sooooo bad.

Kelli left yesterday. She is at Snow. With "my" car. And my hair dryer (I was a little mad, actually furious, when I went to use my hair dryer yesterday afternoon and it was no longer in my drawer). I was bummed I couldn't move her down there either. I had to work. Come to think of it, I didn't even get to tell her goodbye. I realized today that Sundays are not the same without her. We'd always watch tv and listen to music together and she always made pizza pockets at night. And cookies. And pizookies. And popcorn.
Now all I have is Bucky. He eats all the food and he isn't very nice to me sometimes. But I love him.

School sucks. I had orientation for my ultrasound program last Thursday and Friday. Its going to be tough. We have class once a month which means this is pretty much a teach-yourself type of program. All the money I'm paying for tuition and I'm teaching myself...? I've started on the homework for my pathophysiology class. The book itself is like 12 inches thick (okay, so thats an exaggeration...but only a little bit). We have to have seven tests taken and all the assignments handed in by the 13th of September. Yeah, and thats just one class. I have five more on top of that. Luckily, clinicals don't start until next semester.

I was on call last night and worked this morning so I'm pretty much dead. I need to clean my bathroom, craft room and bedroom but I'm tired and feel like being unproductive so I will be.


Kelsey said...

Coincidentally I just wrote a complaining post as well, so I totally can sympathize with you. :)Transitioning from an uneventful summer to a seemingly never ending school year is definitely hard. But remember that you'll only be in school for so long, you'll be at work for the rest of your life, so enjoy the delay while you can! :) I hope things start looking up girly. Bake some cookies and watch The Notebook, that always cheers me up!

Jacki Lee said...

kristen, whose fault is it that it was a boring summer... plus we only hung out what like once! come on! thats just sad. you need to suck it up and be a big girl now! haha I KID I KID! and kristen, you know id never turn down food so if you need a pizza pocket night CALL ME!

sarah said...

jason eats all the food and isnt very nice to you haha

Michelle & Dave said...

KRISTEN! :) I think you should come and visit me in Orem...AND to convince you they are building and In & Out pretty much across the street from my new house! We could skip there!