Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Hello Hello!

I'm very happy right now because I'm done with school for the semester annnnd because I'm listening to Christmas music. Seriously, things couldn't be better. I love December. And I love being out of school.

Speaking of December, I'm working on my December Daily album. This is my first year making one and its been a lot of fun so far. It seems like EVERYONE is doing it, so I gave in. Plus, I figured this December has the potential of being very exciting since the boy gets home in less than 15 days! :)
Thats right...he will probably get here really really late December 17...meaning I probably won't see him until Friday the 18th. So soon!
Anyway, if you haven't heard about the December Daily album, check here to find out what its all about!
Pretty much you put together an album BEFORE December starts and then every single day leading up to Christmas you document what you did. Now I'm not completely finished with the construction of my album but I'm working on it! And I've been successful in documenting each day so far. I know, I know...its only December 3rd but that still counts for something right?
Here's a couple pictures of the album:
december daily 2009
december daily 2009
december daily 2009

It is composed of scraps. But I kinda like it that way. Nice and cheap. And very..uh..scrappy.
I'll try to share some of the pages as I finish them each day. Just for fun.

Well I have a list of things that I want to do before school starts again in January.
One of the things on that list is to learn how to knit.
I sat down with my mom Sunday night and she taught me how to knit. I'm still struggling with casting on (simple, I know...). I think perhaps its because I'm being taught how to do it right handed...and I am sooo not right handed. It just feels funny. And backwards. She tried to teach me how to crochet right handed a long time ago and it never worked. I finally learned how to do it my way.
Anyway I have a couple of Christmas gifts planned that involve knitting so it would be kinda nice if I could get it figured out here pretty soon :)
In fact, I better go practice right now. Pictures later maybe? Wish me luck.


Cheryl said...

Cute album! How about making me one?

kelli said...

"It seems like EVERYONE is doing it, so I gave in."
Everyone was doing it, everyone was. everyone was doing it everyone was. everyone was doing it everyone was, everyone was doing it everyone was.