Thursday, March 25, 2010

One night I had a dream I was playing tag with an octopus in the Caribbean.
The next day I booked a cruise.

I’m not like that. I’m not spontaneous and I don’t like spending money. But I think it was meant to be. I mean, we had buy one get one free plane tickets…and they expired on February 15th. I couldn’t pass up a deal like that…especially when I had been dying for an adventure. And especially since my dream was so cool.

And although I never did get to play tag with an octopus, I did get to play and kiss the stingrays.

And I got to feed them too. Here is a video. Everytime I fed them I laughed so hard. It felt very very funny.  Boy, I would sure like to have a pet stingray. I would feed it all the time.

stingray city from Kristen Farr on Vimeo.

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