Saturday, April 24, 2010

a week in the life: wednesday

This is when the thunderstorm woke me up. I love thunderstorms. Actually it was 4:20. I set my alarm clock 20 minutes early. Only my alarm clock. I don't know why. I just do. I was up for quite awhile watching the lightning and listening to the thunder.

Ah, I love natural light. And I love my bed.
And I love warm showers.
And I love when my boyfriend (aka my fiance...after being my boyfriend for almost 7 years I think I'm always going to call him my boyfriend. I hate the word fiance anyway) comes for lunch and makes ramen noodles. I tried making this while he was on his mission and it never tasted right. He must do something special.
It stormed on-and-off all day. When it started hailing my mom ran outside to try and protect her daffodils and tulips. If only I had evidence of that... 
It didn't work.
I love quilting! And I love our new Bernina! I could work on this for hours. Actually I did work on this for hours.

We finished off the night by watching UP. Andy had never seen it before. I'm pretty sure I'd love to have a bouquet of balloons attached to my house.

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