Saturday, December 4, 2010

hello december.

You may remember me mentioning a December daily album last year..? Yeah, I didn't get very far with it. Perhaps it was because my mind was on Andy and the fact that he was finally coming home. This year I've decided that instead of documenting every single day in December, I'm only documenting the real important things, the Christmas-y things. Its not quite so overwhelming. We're already four days into December and I've kept up so far! Here is part of the foundation of my mini book.

december daily 2010

It was fun to put together. And it will be even more fun to add pictures and words. Now I've just got to make sure I keep up!


Kade & Jess said...

Those are so pretty! How'd you come up with the idea?

kristen said...

Thank you!
This came from Ali Edwards blog.
She's done it for a few years now.

...Cute blog by the way!

rachel! said...

that book is so cute...good luck finishing it!

Jenny said...

What an adorable journal! If I had something that cute maybe I'd keep up with mine. As it is now I have a dedicated book that never gets touched, but a ton of random scraps of paper with musings on them I try to corral into a shoebox every once in a while. So much for organization!

Precious blog, by the way. I really like the photos.