Monday, September 5, 2011

day one // orderville canyon

I've been amused and intrigued by slot canyons for as long as I can remember. When Sarah told me that Alex was going to be working on a research project with his professor all summer long which required him to hike through the canyons in Zion National Park swabbing frogs, I knew this was my chance. I finally had a guide!
This trip, which occurred a week ago, was kind of spontaneous. Only so many tickets are allotted for each day and they start selling them at 7am the day before. Sarah's job was to get there early Friday morning and then if she got tickets for Saturday, Andy and I would leave after work. If not, well, then we wouldn't. Sarah got up there around 5am Friday morning, only to realize that 20+ people beat her. She figured we probably wouldn't get tickets. When she got to the counter, many hikes were sold out, but she was able to snag five tickets for Orderville Canyon. One for me, one for Andy, one for her, one for Alex and one for Alex's professor (he looooves hiking and jumped at the chance to go). We got off work, packed, got stuck in Provo traffic and arrived in St. George around 2am.
The 11-mile hike, which included some swimming and rappelling, was beautiful despite the muddy water from a rainstorm the night before. The huge towering rock walls make a person feel so small and insignificant. There were so many little pools full of tadpoles. Frogs covered the rocks. And we didn't even see a single person until the canyon met up with the Narrows.


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