Sunday, November 6, 2011

yes, i'm an animal lover.

I met this cute pitbull at my grandma's house last week. She wandered over, tail wagging, from the neighbor's yard. She had soft, dreamy green eyes. Makes me very anxious for a day when Andy and I can get a dog. I want a great dane and he wants a mastiff. Maybe we'll have to get a mix.


Ashley said...

awww very cute :O) I love animals (thats why we foster dogs) and having them around makes life so much better. Glad you loved the Pitt because most people are scared of them (will walk in a different direction, will pick up their kids, and families won't even look at them at the rescue - even if they're considered to be a "Pitt mix". Sad, but she is gorgeous! :)

<3 Ash

Dawn said...

Well, he wanted some friends, didn't he?? How cute. I actually met a dog this weekend, too! I was out on a trail and a golden retriever wanted some attention. His eyes weren't as sparkly as this one's, though. :)