Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a little love story for you on this day of love.

Remember back in school when you could take that quiz that would analyze your likes, interests and such and then, during the week of Valentines Day, for $1, you could buy a piece of paper that had you matched up with the 10 most compatible people in your grade according to the quizzes?
Well, I was going through a massive stack of papers after we moved, deciding what to keep and what to throw away, when I came across this.

I made it! I made it on Andy's list clear back in 9th grade! Before we had ever said one word to each other. Two years later he'd finally make it to number 10, but I'm sure glad he did. Love you Andy!


Andrea said...

oh my gosh so cute! i need to dig mine up just to see remember who I was matched up with.

Lisa said...

I LOVED those lists! Chad was on mine in 8th grade ;) So cute that you made it on Andy's!!