Wednesday, February 17, 2010

two things i do not like right now: seasickness and broken computers

one of my new years resolutions was to blog more.
mainly for my own personal documentation/journaling reasons.
february is almost over and i've only blogged like once this year.

lots of things have been happening. i could use that as an excuse for not blogging but lots of things happen to everyone...and they still blog.

maybe a good excuse is that i got engaged.
it happened january twenty second. very unexpected. i take that back. it was expected...just not so soon. anyway, my mind has just been racing since then. dresses, cakes, receptions, flowers, and pictures. i know nothing about planning a wedding. and i'm scared.

maybe a good excuse is that my computer broke.
my computer broke approximately four weeks ago. not completely...but just enough that i had to buy a new one. just what i needed. i bought the new one about two weeks ago and i just barely got it up and running. well, almost running. for some reason the internet is not working...which, to me, means its really not running at all.

maybe a good excuse is that i was on a cruise.
it was my first cruise. it was wonderful. but i'm more sick now than i ever was on the cruise ship.
why is that? its been four days and i still feel like i'm rocking. it makes me dizzy and very very sick.

needless to say,  i will be back to blog. hopefully by next week.
and hopefully this seasickness will be gone by then.

i sure have some stories to tell.


Michelle & Dave said...

First, I am glad you are coming back to blogland. I love reading your posts. Second, I am so excited for you and if you need help I am here for you! Just call or text me! Third, what day are you getting married?!

Rach said...

I had the same problem when I got back from my cruise! I was so sick! I can't wait to hear all your stories!