Monday, May 7, 2012


so, the following photos are from andy's mission. for those of you that don't know, andy served an lds mission to slovakia in 2007.
i may be getting a little excited because in a few short days we may be leaving to europe to visit a country that was home to andy for a couple of years. i say may be because i still haven't received my passport and i'm getting a little anxious because, after all, it is kinda mandatory. eek! i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

the two fellas in black (besides andy) in this last photo are krace maw and taylor wade. those three served as companions for awhile. we are going to be accompanying them (along with their spouses) on this adventure and i couldn't be more excited. we decided to join them last minute but i'm so glad we did. i can't wait to experience this part of the world!


Denis & Sarah said...

Yes it's kinda mandatory!! :) I hope it gets here on time. I'm very excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it. I leave the 22nd and return June 7th, so we will prob be on the same side of the world at the same time.

Ash and Matt | A SoCal Story said...

We are so, so excited for you!!! Even though we'll be in Utah on basically the exact dates that you'll be in Slovakia. Although, I guess we could still see you two in case that passport thing becomes a real problem -- you can get a passport same-day at a passport regional office within 14 days of international departure. Your nearest offices are Denver and LA. So, you know, if you wanted to come to LA this weekend, get your passport on Monday, and drive to Utah with us on Tuesday, that would be fine :)

Alexandra Lane Photography said...

Have fun and safe travels! I am really excited for you guys!