Monday, January 6, 2014


here it is. the obligatory new year blog post. where you talk about how good or bad last year was and how you hope this one is even better. where you post your resolutions in hopes that it will force you to follow through. my head spins at the new year with all the bad habits i want to break. this is the year i will finally drop those extra pounds. this is the year i will finally take a photo a day. this is the year i will try new recipes. this is the year i will wake up early every morning and go to bed early every night. this is the year that i will blog consistently. that i will eat more fruits and veggies. that i will cut out candy.
with everything spinning around, there was one thought that kept surfacing: journaling. i've kept a journal for as long as i can remember. but i've been so hit and miss. i was reading through prior journal entries today when i came across something that i had completely forgotten about. when i read it i couldn't help but smile and cry.

last night i had this dream. i dreamt i was pregnant with the most beautiful baby girl. i felt such an intense love for her. i woke up incredibly sad when i realized it was just a dream. and yet that feeling, that love, still felt so strong and so real.

dear baby, yesterday two pink lines told me you existed.

so that is why i'm choosing to focus on journaling and documenting life this year. do you know how happy i am that i had that written down?! i had completely forgotten about that. and that was only two years ago. how many happy moments from years ago have i forgotten about?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

a camera + a broken tripod + family

this was a spur of the moment idea. this idea of family pictures. we had a sick baby, i had just gotten off work. we were racing the sun and trying to find a good spot. actually fighting for a good spot amidst everyone else who had the same brilliant idea. but, considering all, i think it turned out rather well. family is the best.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

how to smash a cake

this little beauty turned one last week. i can't even believe it!
she currently has five teeth, with two more working their way through. she loves getting into everything she shouldn't and she'd choose measuring cups and empty boxes over toys any day. she loves fruits, ice cream, and spaghetti. no walking here yet, but i figure we better enjoy it while it lasts!

a big huge thank you to my mom for helping me with everything, to jamie for the delicious cake and to everyone who took control of my camera and took pictures for me to enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bodega bay

our last day was spent hanging out in santa rosa with the fam. andy and spencer went golfing while jacey, the kids and i went to a couple of estate sales. that afternoon we packed a picnic lunch and headed to bodega bay. i wanted to catch one last sunset at the beach. the wind was vicious but the view was spectacular. why, oh why can't i live by the ocean?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

san fran


^^i got my first left-handed hand shake here. it was weird. also, i learned just about everything i'd ever need to know about left handedness. the cashier was very knowledgeable :)^^

^^pier 39^^

^^fishermans wharf^^

okay, okay, so i like LOVE san francisco. we only spent a day here but easily could've spent a couple more. we got a lot done, thanks to jacey (andy's sister-in-law and best hostess in the world!) and fam for watching daphne for the day. the only thing we had actually planned out for this entire california trip was our tour of alcatraz so that was the first thing we did when we arrived in san francisco. loved it. it was so interesting. my main goal this trip was biking the golden gate bridge. so we did. and, you guys, it was incredible! andy and i have decided that this was our most favorite part of the whole trip! andy's brother and sister-in-law let us borrow their bikes. we started the trek at fishermans wharf. the hills about killed us, but we made it. we ended the night at ghiradelli square with an $11 sundae (eek!) that we shared. it was such a good day!